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WholeCoresm is a holistic fitness & wellness program designed to help women thrive from motherhood through menopause.
Specializing in core and pelvic floor recovery.

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WholeCoresm Offerings

Private In-Home Training

Restore your WholeCoresm in the comfort of your own home. One time assessment and packages available. Click here for more info or to schedule your free 15 minute consultation.

Phone/Skype Consultations

Spend an hour with Mary asking all your core & pelvic floor questions. Get advice on exercise technique, fitness programs, nutrition, and more. Click here for more info.

Private Events

Interested in bringing the WholeCoresm practice to your event or parent group? Please contact us for more details.

WholeCoresm Elements

WholeCoresm is dedicated to helping you restore your core through a customized yoga, fitness & movement program designed to meet your unique needs



WholeCoresm places emphasis on learning and personal attention so that you leave each session feeling empowered and on the road to recovery. You will receive a personalized assessment regardless of the session type you choose.



Integral to the WholeCoresm method is mastering everyday functional movements like bending, walking, lifting and breathing. By mastering these everyday movements you will learn to improve common problems like belly bulge, leaky bladder, back pain as well as enhance overall body health.



Building a healthy, fit and functional body cannot be accomplished with exercise alone. Nourish your WholeCoresm - body, mind, heart & soul – in a safe, supportive environment with guided relaxation and open dialog on core health issues, nutrition, & lifestyle.

WholeCoresm Praise

Working with Mary was a game changer after I gave birth a year ago. She quickly got me back into shape and ready for snowboard season in a matter of weeks. Her deep knowledge of the body allows her to craft a personalized plan that is both challenging and gives results, yet not too much to overwhelm or injure you - and can even be done from home with the props available to you. She is fun to work with, flexible in working with your schedule and 100% listens to the needs of her clients. A+++

Megan B.
Mother of 1

Working with Mary has been, truly, a life-changing experience: from her extensive knowledge of the human body, to her thoroughness in identifying the problematic aspects to tackle, she tailors the perfect workouts for each individual, always keeping in mind the safety of your exercise routine. Her approach to wellness is unique and effective and she is fantastic at helping you set up attainable goals for yourself and I love the fact that is is realistic and accommodating throughout the entire process. I don't know what I would do without her!

Rebeca M.
Mother of 1

Working with Mary is a true delight. She is patient, supportive, encouraging, compassionate and humorous. Her holistic approach to health and strength has resulted in inner as well as physical changes in my life. I began working with Mary 4 months ago and have lost several pounds while gaining balance, strength, and self-confidence. Mary provides one-on-one attention and solutions that are tailored to individual needs and issues. In particular, her focus on nutrition and diet and the positive health benefits of small changes is incredibly helpful. One of the most revelatory things I have discovered in this process is my own joy in being in my body and a sense of care and attention that is affecting all areas of my life. I cannot emphasize enough what a pleasure it is to work with Mary!

Annie M.
Mother of 2

Mary is a phenomenal resource for all things related to core strength and core therapy. Mary's passion for helping others is an inspiration and her gentle, warm and down-to-earth personality makes her a pleasure to work with. I recommend Mary to anyone seeking to strengthen their core and improve their physical balance and strength - she is amazing!

Katy P.
First time mother

I immediately felt completely comfortable with Mary because of her warm, comforting demeanor and sincere interest in learning about my struggles so that she could help me to the best of her ability. Mary took time to listen to my history and observe the way I move my body to give tailored advice. I learned how to adjust movement for every day activity to better my alignment. She also taught me a number of exercises partnered with a comprehensive handout and an online exercise program that fit my needs. I started feeling better within a week of making some simple adjustments!

Gretchen R.
First time mother

WholeCoresm Story

"I began teaching yoga in 2004 after the birth of my first child and quickly realized that my clients (mostly moms) were all struggling with core issues. This realization along with my own core challenges motivated me to learn about and search for solutions to our common problems.  With formal training and years of self study I started incorporating core recovery into my yoga classes. The result is WholeCoresm, a program designed to restore your core by addressing common post-natal problems like leaky bladder and pelvic organ prolapse while creating a supportive space for honest and open dialog regarding these uncomfortable issues.

In addition to teaching Yoga and Fitness® to moms for more than a decade, I have advanced training in Postnatal Core Assessment, Recovery & Exercise Programming and have attended numerous specialized courses on anatomy including pelvic anatomy. I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and hold certifications in Vinyasa, Postnatal, Pelvic Floor & Restorative Yoga, and Momilates®."


MaryVidal , RYT CPT

Core and Pelvic Floor Recovery MentorCertified Yoga/Momilates® InstructorNASM Certified Personal TrainerMother of Two

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